«Конспект внеклассного мероприятия «Рождество по — английски»

МБОУ ООШ с. Солдатское Тербунского муниципального района Липецкой области
открытого внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку, проведенного во 2-4 классах на тему:
«Рождество по - английски»
Подготовила и провела:
учитель английского языка
Е.Ю. Ашихмина 26 декабря 2016 г.
Знакомство учащихся с новым для них страноведческим материалом на иностранном языке (традиции и обычаи празднования Рождества в Великобритании).
Совершенствование и пополнение лексической базы учащихся.
Развитие речевой компетенции обучающихся.
Развитие организаторских способностей, артистического мастерства, фантазии, смекалки учащихся.
Развитие мотивации к изучению английского языка.
Воспитание положительного, уважительного отношения к британской культуре, более глубокого осознания своей родной культуры.
Воспитание толерантности, уважения учащихся друг к другу, умения слушать собеседника.
Диск с презентацией;
Мультимедийный проектор с большим экраном;
Музыкальный центр;
Записи рождественских песен;
Костюм Санта Клауса;
Ёлка, снежинки и мишура для украшения класса;
Призы для участников.

Ход мероприятия
I. Организационный момент
Teacher: Good afternoon, dear children!
II. Сообщение темы и целей мероприятия
Teacher: Today we are having an unusual party. Our party is devoted to the most interesting, the most beautiful and the most favorite holiday in Great Britain – Christmas.
III. Основная часть
Part 1
Christmas is the most popular holiday. It is a religious holiday. Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December. For most British families this is the most important day of the year. It is the day on which Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. (слайд 1)
A Christmas tree is one of the main symbols of Christmas in most homes. People usually have a Christmas tree in the corner of the room. Most families decorate their trees with lights, toys and sweets. Presents are placed under the tree. (слайд 2)
Candles at Christmas also go back to those time. People believed that their light helped him to forget the darkness of winter. (слайд 3)
Not all Christmas traditions are old. The first Christmas card was made in 1842 by an English painter John Horsley who sent that card to one hundred of his friends. (слайд 4)
Lunch is the most important point on Christmas Day. The traditional lunch consists of a roast turkey with vegetables, Christmas pudding, pies, the roast beef, nuts and oranges. (слайд 5)
On Christmas Eve , children hang their stockings over the fire-place. They are told that Santa Claus arrives at night and fills each stocking with presents. (слайд 6)
Santa Claus got his name from a man known as St. Nicolas, who lived in the fourth century. He gave his wealth to the poor and often to children. (слайд 7) Прообразом Санта-Клауса является общехристианский святой Николай Чудотворец (Санта — «святой», Клаус — «Николай»), известный своей благотворительностью — помощью в виде тайных подарков бедным людям, имеющим детей[2]. Первоначально 6 декабря, в день святого Николая по церковному календарю, в странах Европы было принято дарить детям подарки от его имени. 
Part 2
Teacher: And now, let’s organize a competition devoted to our holiday. Today, Nastya, Nikita and Santa Clause are our judge. But Santa is absent. Let’s invite him!
Santa Claus: Hello, boys and girls. I am Santa Claus. I am glad to see you. I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! I have brought presents for you. But first of all I want to see what pupils you are!
Teacher: Well, Santa! Now, we are going to have the competition and you can see what pupils they are!
Santa Claus: Very good!
Teacher: For the competition you should make three teams. Before to start , please name your teams.
Task 1. «Associations»
Teacher: Well done. And now let's play the game "Associations". You should remember as many as possible words connecting with the holidays of New Year and Christmas as you can. The team who can remember more words wins. Is it clear?
Task 2. «Puzzles»
Teacher: Guess it!
1) He always comes in the night of New Year and brings presents to obedient boys and girls.
2) We decorate it when it is New Year with lights, colourful balls and other toys.
3) It's time when it is snowing, when all children do skating, skiing, make snowmen and play snowballs.
Task 3. «Mrs Grammar»
Teacher: Do the task!
Form 3
Do you like dogs?
Does she go to school every day?
Do you eat cheese for breakfast?
Does he play football?
Can you run and jump?
Form 4
My house is (large) than her house.
Her cat is the (beautiful).
The elephant is (big) than the fox.
This book is the (interesting).
His rooms are (nice) than my rooms.
Form 5
Kitty is a good pupil, ……..?
She didn’t visit her friends, ……..?My parents will watch TV, ……?They don’t read interesting books,…….?He likes playing computer games, ……..?
Task 4. «For captains»
Teacher: Make up sentences!
like, pigs, small, I.
mother, dinner, my, cooks.
we, cakes, eat, for breakfast.
Task 5. «Christmas card»
Teacher: Produce Christmas cards!
Task 6. «Your creation»
Teacher: Show your creation!
Pupil 1:
Santa Claus
Brings many toys
For little girls
And little boys!
Pupil 2 :
Merry, Merry Christmas Is likely to come. Merry, Merry Christmas, You are welcome!
Pupil 3:
Snow in the window, Much confetti, Bright-blue, red and yellow Lights on the tree.
Pupil 4:
Smiling eyes and faces, Sweet music in the hall, I think someone places Happiness here for all.
Pupil 5:
Merry, Merry Christmas Is likely to come. Merry, Merry Christmas, You are welcome!
 Pupil 6:
Santa Claus, I want a doll.
Santa Claus, I want a ball.
Are you a good  girl or boy?
If you are, you can have a toy! 
Santa Claus : Children, Thank you very much. You are Very good pupils! Every team is the first! So, I want to give the funniest team this diploma. Form 5. I want to give the bravest team this diploma. Form 3. I want to give the cleverest team this diploma. Form 4. Now, it`s too late. It`s time for me to go away. Now close your eyes and then you will see a surprise!
Santa Claus: Good bye, children! Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
Teacher: Open your eyes and then you will see a surprise!
IV. Заключительная часть
Teacher: Thank you, children! Our party is over. I also wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Good bye!

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