«People of Britain» Разработка урока английского языка в 10 классе»

LESSON: People of Britain School: № 23
Date: Teacher’s name: Savrambaeva B.N.
CLASS: 10-B Number present: Absent :Learning objectives that this lesson is contributing to Introduction of the lifestyle of British people
To develop speaking, understanding and speaking abilities
Lesson objectivesAll learners will be able to:
To read the texts and pronouns the words on the given theme
Most learners will be able to:
Make up examples on the grammar material, do comprehension checking tasks on the reading and listening material
Some learners will be able to:
Understand all the lexical, video, and grammar material.
Make logical conclusions and give their own additional information
Previous learningEssay about Kazakhstan
Planned timingsPlanned activities ResourcesStart 2 min Organization moment T-S-T

5 min Brainstorming T-S
Today I offer you to begin our lesson with the small talk about countries and populations of some countries
What is the biggest country in the world-Russia
What is the 2-nd biggest country-Canada
The third biggest country-America
What place does Kazakhstan take according to it’s area-9
What is the most wild spread language in the world-Chinese
But what is the official world known language?-English
How can you explain the proverb “How many languages you know so many times you are a man” The map
Time: 4 min
Checking of the home task
Now it’s time to check your home task.
To learn by heart all the lexical material of the Step-2 School book
Time-1 min

Time-2 min
10 min
5 min
10 min Introduction of the theme and aim of the lesson
Well the theme of our today lesson is People of Britain. I’m sure that it will be very-very interesting for you. We shall get a lot of new information about British people’s lifestyle and compare with the lifestyle of Kazakh people. Because of the big amount of the lexical material I’ve asked you to look through them and check their pronunciation at home. I hope you have done it.
Brainstorming T-S
By the way is Kazakhstan densely populated? How many people live in Kazakhstan 16
Is England densely populated? How many people live in England?-58
Well let’s begin our introduction with the EX 4-a on P 57 The first task is Jigsaw reading as usually read 2 sentences with translations
Now look at the sketch bellow it is filled with the information from the text. The sketches A-B-C
At home you are to fill the same sketches about Kazakhstan on exercise 5 and 6.
Group work
Well let’s continue our lesson
The 1-st group P61 Elderly people The reading of the text and Comprehension checking on P 62.
The 2-nd group is to fill the Vean diagram about Eldery People of Britain and Kazakhstan 3 common things for both of them and
3 differences between them.
The 3-rd group P63 Young people The reading of the text and
Comprehension checking on P 64
The 4-th group to fill the Vean diagram about Young people of Britain and Kazakhstan 3 common things for both of them and
3 differences between them.
You have 3 minutes for preparing do you tasks. Listening “ LANGUAGES”–to fill the gaps
Watching the video “ London-England” - to answer the questions
1 When did the story of London begin?- In Bronze age
2 Who built the Tower of London?- William the Conqueror
3 Is London easy to explore on foot?-Yes
4 What is the most modern and recognized bridge in London? Tower Bridge
5 What is Buckingham Palace? –It’s the residence of queen Elithabeth
6 Who was the Princess Diana? Prince Charls’ ex-wife
7 What park at last was the hunting ground of the Royal family but now is free for British people?- The Royal Park
8 How many big and Famous parks are there in England? 8 parks
9 What parks situated near Buckingham Palace? Green Park and James Park
10 What is Westminster Abbey? –It’s the place of coronation and marriage and even burial [beriel] of kings and queens
11 Who was prince Albert?-Queen Victoria’s husband
12 When did the Great Fire take place in London?- In 1666
13 What is the Historical Part of London?- The West End
14 What world famous museum situated in London? –The British Museum
15 What is “LONDON EYE”? It’s a giant FERRIS [feris] wheel
16 How many popular markets that work every day are there in London? 6 markets 6-min Grammar Part
As you remember at last we got acquainted with some particularities of the modal verbs as MAY-MIGTHT-COULD and said that they may be used not only for permission and abilities. We practiced to use them for prediction. The same will be done today with the modal verb MUST
Look at the examples
Kate must be at home- Prediction for the moment- Kate должно быть дома. Обычно в это время она всегда дома
Kate must have left home-Prediction for the past- Kate должно быть ушла из дома. Что-то мы долго звоним в домофон
Is it clear for you?
And at last look at the structure COULD HAVE DONE that is used to express the opportunity, that we didn’t take in the past. We had the opportunity but we didn’t take it.
For example-I could have read the novel “A Cherry Orchard” by Chehov but I had no wish.
Now let’s check your understanding doing the Exercise 20 on P67
The first group 1-2; the second 3-4; the 3 only-5; and the fourth 6-7
You have 10 seconds 2 min Consolidation
Well, let’s remember. What was our lesson’s theme?
What was the grammar material of the lesson?
What did you like in our today lesson?
What don’t you like in our today lesson? End
Time 2 min
Explanation of the home task Ex.5-6 P. 58-59 WB U2 St2 P19-20-21-22
P57-58-59 to fill the diagrams
Giving marks Additional information
Differentiation Assessment Cross-curricular links
Differentiation by tasks and by individual support
Formative assessment and criterial assessment Geography and the Russian language
Were the lesson objectives/learning objectives realistic?
What did the learners learn today?
Summary evaluation
What two things went really well (consider both teaching and learning)?
What two things would have improved the lesson (consider both teaching and learning)?
What have I learned from this lesson about the class or achievements/difficulties of individuals that will inform my next lesson?

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