«Конспект урока «Моодальные глаголы»

Pizza party
Mary Lou Hunt is giving a pizza party.She has invited three of her best friend to her home.They could go to a restaurant,but it costs too much.Mary Lou brings the hot pizza to the table.”Oh,boys!” says Paul.”My favourite kind of pizza!”
Later,they may listen to some new music records and dance.They could go to a play at the high school,but they don’t want to.Probably,they’ll go to a movie,but they can’t stay out late.Mary Lou has to be home by midnight.
II.True or False
1.Mary Lou wants to go to a restaurant.
2.Mary’s three friends are at her home.
3.Mary Lou serves soup to everyone.
4.The pizza is hot.
5.Paul prepares the pizza.
6.Paul doesn’t like pizza.
7.The four friends might go to a play.
8.They may dance.
9.They want to go to school.
10.They could go to a restaurant.
11.They may go to a movie.
12.Mary Lou can stay out late.
1.The reading tells about a dance.
2.The reading speaks about food.
3.The reading talks about friends.
4.The reading talks about pizza.
5.The reading tells about Mary Lou’s parents.
6.The reading talks about movies.
7.The reading speaks about money.
IV.Answer the questions:choose your answer from the list
1.Where is the party? a.three2.Who is giving the party? b.at Mary Lou’s home
3.How many friends came? c.Mary Lou
4.What may they listen to? d.by midnight
5.Why didn’t they go to a restaurant? e.it costs too much
6.Where is the play? f.at the high school
7.Where will they go? g.to a movie
8.Who can’t stay out late? h.records9.When does Mary Lou have to be home?
V.Grammar practice
A.CAN,COULD,MAY,WILL in Statements: fill in blanks with the correct form of the verbs (modal).
1.We …go to a movie.They … eat at home.She …give a party tomorrow.He …not like pizza.
2.We … stay out late.I …listen to some records.She …invite her friends.He … want to stay at home.
B.CAN,COULD,MAY,WILL in Questions: fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs (modal)
1….she give a party?
…you bring the pizza? …they stay out late? …we listen to some records? …he go to the play? …it costs too much?2….you eat with us?
…they go to a restaurant? …he bring some records? …she stay out late? …we eat at home? …I go with you?C.Question/answer:complete the questions and answer with the correct form of the modal or verb.
1….she go?
2….you stay out late?
3….they listen to some records?
4….we go to a good restaurant?
5….I bring some pizza?
1.Yes,she… No,she …n’t.
2.Yes,I…No,..n’t3.Yes, they…No, they…n’t.
4.Yes, we…No, we…n’t.
5.Yes, you…No,you…n’t.
VI.Communicative activities
Make up a dialogue.

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