Итоговый тест 5 класс

Тест по английскому языку для 5 класса
1 Tennis ___ a very interesting game.
а) am b) is с) are
2 We ___ happy.
a) am b) is c) are
3 There _____ a beautiful bathroom in the house.
a) are b) is c) be
4 ____ there flowers in the garden?
a) am b) is c) are
5 This is my _____house.
а) parents’ b) parent’s с) parents
6 I like ______new phone.
а) Rob’s b) Robs’ c) Robs
7This is ______shoe.
а) her’s b) hers с) her
8 I like _____ new dress.
а) my b) hers с) me
a) Can you speak b) You can speak c) Speak you
10 Elephants ______ drink a lot of water every day.
a) have b) must c) are
11 My friends________ a new CD.
a) have got b) got have c) has got
12 She _______ three brothers.
a) have got b) has got c) does got
13 I see a beautiful ______ in the picture.
a) woman b) women c) weman14 They are interesting ______.
a) men b) man c) mans
15 There are ______ days in a week.
a) six b) seven c) seventh
16 There are ______ months in a year.
a) twenty b) twelve c) two
17 His house is ______ than my house.
a) smallest b) smaller c) small
18 This summer is ____ than last one.
a) hoter b) hotter c) hottest
19 My name is ___ Bob.
a) a b) an c) –
20 I am ___ teacher.
a) a b) - c) an
21 Where ____you go next summer?
а) do b) will с) are
22 I____ now.
a) read b) will read с) am reading
23 My uncle always ____ jogging in the morning.
a) go b) goes c) gos24 I ___ in Moscow.
a) live b) lives c) living
25 I ___ football tomorrow.
a) play b) will play c) is playing
26 Не _____ in England now.
a) is b) will be c) is being

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