«Mobile medical units»(Мобильный госпиталь)»

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Mobile medical units
The Norwegian Mobile Hospital and Disaster Unit (Nor Hosp) is a flexible medical emergency unit composed of different modules. Surgical moduleEach surgical module contains sufficient medical equipment to establish an operating theatre with two operating tables.This is the only module containing lighting equipment. This consists of two operation and examination lamps.Two autoclaves allow for continuous sterilization of instruments and textiles. Nursing ModuleEach nursing module contains all the necessary nursing equipment to establish and maintain a surgical ward with 50 inpatients, and has sufficient disposables for 14 days. The minimum floor space needed is 180 m2. The number of staff will vary, depending on the level of nursing care. X-ray ModuleThe X-ray module contains a complete X-ray department including X-ray machine, manual developing equipment, darkroom equipment, chemicals, films, light boxes and protection equipment. Minimum floor space needed is 10 m2. Medicament ModuleThe medicament module contains medicaments and infusion fluids sufficient for treatment of 300 surgical patients (intravenously and orally). The module is designed to meet the standard WHO and ICRC drug list.The module can be adjusted according to special needs and conditions. Medical Officer ModuleEach Medical Officer module contains equipment for establishing a simple outpatient department for diagnosing, and where triage and emergency treatment can be provided. Hygiene ModuleThe hygiene module contains equipment for gathering, heating, storing, testing and distributing water.The basic tool in this module is the senator which pumps, heats and distributes water. Glossary !!!Surgical module – хирургический модульNursing Module – сестринский модульX-ray Module – рентгеновский модульMedicament Module – медикаментозный модуль Medical Officer Module – медицинские сотрудникиHygiene Module – гигиенический модуль

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