«Конспект урока по английскому языку для 7 класса «Sport in our life»

Sport in our life
• to practise scanning for specific information;
• to develop speaking skills;
• to develop students’ creative activities.
Equipment: a textbook, cards
I Greeting
II Warm up
Make up questions upon the model.
T. Ask your friend if he / she is a sport fan / likes sport.
S. Are you a sport fan? Do you like sport?
Ask him / her:
• if he / she is fond of skiing;
• if he / she is keen on playing chess;
• if he / she is good at gymnastics;
• if he / she is a member of any sport club / team;
• if he / she always follows sports events on TV;
• what summer sports he / she likes best;
• what winter sports he / she goes in for;
• what indoor / outdoor games he / she likes to play.
III Checking up homework (ex.1)
IV. Reading
1. Pre-reading activity.
Answer the questions.
1) What have you heard about sports?
2) What do some young people think about sport? Are they right?
3) What kinds of games help to develop character?
4) Does sport stand in the way of other important things?
2. Vocabulary.
To be (stand) in the way of something
To let somebody down
Physical Culture and Sport
You have heard a lot that sport holds an important place in our life. Different kinds of sports help people to keep in good health. And any boy or girl who shows good results at sport clubs or in athletic competitions for schoolchildren is given a chance to become a champion. From time to time competitions are held in sports and games at school but some boys and girls don’t want to take an active part in them. They don’t believe that sport is necessary, and they think sport may stand in a way of other important things. Well, those kids are wrong. Team games, for example, develop character and quick thinking. An English proverb says, “In sport and journeys men are known”. This means that a good sportsman will always help other members of his team to win a competition, and he knows that his friends will never let him down.
3. Speaking
Work in 2 teams.
Team 1 — Sport is not necessary, and it’s on the way of other important things.
Team 2 — Sport can’t stand in the way of other things.
III. Guess the sport
In groups, one person thinks of some sport, and the others have to guess which it
is. You only can ask “Yes / No” questions.
Example. Is it a team game? Do you do exercises? Do you use a ball? Is it an indoor / outdoor sport?
IV. Pair workThe students are given the cards to work in pairs. The task is to translate and
dramatise the dialogues (ex. 3)
V. Homework
Write a composition “Sport in our life”.

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