Контрольная работа по грамматике (Биболетова МЗ 9 класс 3 четверть)

1.Rewrite the sentences in reported speech.
1 Samuel cried to her: "Don’t open the door!"
2 Elizabeth said: "We watched a very interesting movie yesterday."
3 Catherine said to her mother: "May I go for a walk?"
4 Marry said to her children: "Go to your rooms and do your homework."
5 He asked her patiently: "Where have you been?"
6 Sue asked Sally: "Are you going to be a lawyer or a doctor?"
7 Tim asks her nervously: "What should I do now?"
8 Den said to his younger brother: "Don’t touch my things!"
9 She asked him sobbing: "Who was that woman in your car?"
10 Diana said: "It’s time to go to the theatre."
2 Fill in the correct preposition and translate the sentences.
a)up b)on c)along d)over e)down f)off
1. They dont get with each other.
2. The bus driver will tell you where to get .. .
3. Please put the knife .. on the table before you hurt somebody.
4. The girl put her black velvet dress.
5. the concert is put .. till next week.
6. She is still trying to get .. a shock.
7. I dont know how she puts with her sons fights.
8. Could you please put the light..?
If he were in, he (answer) the phone.
He would have been the best pupil in the class if he (work) harder.
If you (pass) your examination, we would have a celebration.
I wouldn't have gone there if I (be) you.
If he knew that it was dangerous he (not, come).
4 Translate
1 Если погода будет плохой завтра, мы поиграем в шахматы.
2 Если бы он был свободен сейчас, мы бы пошли в парк.
3 Чай завезли в Англию много веков тому назад.
4 Наши родители знают друг друга уже много лет.
5 Я не знаю, будет ли мама работать завтра.
Grammar test 9 form

Grammar test 9 form

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