Interesting Facts about Australia, 2016 Цели презентации: Образовательные — развитие личности, готовой к самообразованию.

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Interesting Facts about Australia Презентация по теме “Australia” Шпак Анжелика Геннадьевна, учитель английского языка, МБОУ СОШ, Чехов, Холмский район. Captain James Cook discovered the east coast of Australia in 1770.Australia’s first settlers were Aborigines.The Commonwealth of Australia was formed in 1901.The official language is English. Australia is the oldest, the flattest and the driest continent in the world. - It is the smallest continent in the world.- It is the 6th biggest country in the world.- It is an island, surrounded by the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.Australia comes from the Latin word “Australis” , which means “of the south” or “southern”. Australia is sometimes called “Kangarooland”, “Oz”, “The land of Wattle” (акация), “The lucky country” or “Down Under”. MORE facts OFFICIAL NAME : Commonwealth of Australia TOTAL AREA: 7,692,024 square kilometers POPULATION: 23,785,300 HEAD OF STATE: The Queen Elizabeth II represented by Governor-General FORM OF GOVERNMENT: Constitutional monarchy LONGEST RIVERS: The Murray River (2,740 km) and the Darling River (1,545 km) NATURAL RESOURCES: coal, zink, nickel, gold, wool CURRENCY: Australian dollar (AUD) SPORTS: Australian football, cricket, rugby, tennis and surfing MORE facts The main mountain chain is the Great Dividing Range (Большой Водораздельный хребет) which is also known as “the Australian Alps”.The highest point is Mount Kosciusko (2,228 meters high). States of Australia Australia is divided into six states and two territories: New South Wales (NSW) Queensland (QLD) South Australia (SA) Tasmania (TAS) Victoria (VIC) Western Australia (WA) Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Northern Territory (NT) The largest cities SYDNEY MELBOURNE BRISBANE PERTH ADELAIDE Canberra is the capital city of Australia. The Prime Minister is Mr. Abbott. Sydney is the largest city and a popular tourist destination: The first free settlers landed in Sydney in 1793. The 2000 Olympic Games were held in Sydney. In Sydney: - Sydney Opera House - Sydney Harbour Bridge - Blue Mountains - Bondi Beach Cities of Australia The Coat of Arms Symbol of the Commonwealth of Australia. The kangaroo and the emu are the shield bearers. The golden wattle is the national floral emblem (acacia). The platypus and the kookaburra are the symbols of New South Wales. The koala is the symbol of Queensland. The black swan is the symbol of Western Australia. The Australian National flag The Union Jack is on the top left corner and represents the history of British settlements in Australia The Commonwealth Star is under the Union Jack. The star has 7 points, 1 point for each of the six (6) states and 1 for the territories. The Southern Cross, on the right, is a groups of stars in the southern sky. National colours are green (landscape, forests, eucalyptus trees) and gold (beaches, harvest, wool).Australia’s national day is on January 26thThe Australian National Anthem is called “Advance Australia Fair”.(«Развивайся, прекрасная Австралия») Extraordinary wildlife The kangaroo – The red kangaroo is the biggest.The koala – The koala lives in eucalyptus trees.The echidna – The echidna eats ants.The platypus – The platypus has a wide flat bill like a duck.The dingo – or a wild dog.The emu – is the 2nd largest bird, runs 50km/hour.The kookaburra – the bird’s cry/call sounds like a loud laugh. The kangaroo A common myth about the kangaroo’s name is that when European explorers first saw these strange hopping animals they asked a native Australian Aborigine about their name. He answered “Kangaroo’, meaning “I don’t understand your question”. The koala The name koala is the Aboriginal name for “no water”The koala is not a bear. It’s related to the wombat and the kangaroo. - It’s the world’s largest coral reef. - It’s composed of over 2900 individual reefs and 900 islands. - The reef is located in the Coral Sea of Queensland. The outback The central area of Australia is vast and remote and called the Outback. The weather is mostly dry and hot. Uluru (Ayers Rock) is the worlds largest monolith. Aborigine means – 1st inhabitant – indigenous. Aborigines came to Australia over 40,000 years ago. Aborigines like hunting, painting, singingand dancing. Native Australian inhabitants Quiz : 1. What is the capital of Australia? Sydney Melbourne Canberra 2. When was the Commonwealth of Australia formed? 1901 1900 1997 3. What are the popular Australian animals? Koala Kangaroo Emu All of the above 4. Which city is Australia's oldest and largest? Melbourne Sydney Canberra Adelaide 5. Who are the Australian natives? Eskimos Aborigines Indians British 6. Who discovered Australia? Christopher Columbus Captain Cook Lewis and Clark 7. Australia is not a (an): Country Island City Continent 8. What is the official language in Australia? French German English 9. What are the national colours? Blue and white Green and gold Red and white 10. What animals can you see on the coat of arms? Kangaroo and Dingo Koala and Parrot Kangaroo and Emu 1. Australia is the smallest continent in the world. 2. Sydney is the capital of Australia. 3. There are 2 states and 6 territories in Australia. 4. Australia is washed by 2 oceans. 5. Most people live in the southeast of the country. 6. Great Barrier Reef is the largest reef in the Coral Sea. Quiz: “True”, “False” or “Not stated” 1. We are in ……… . 2. Australia is the biggest …… and the smallest ……… in the world. 3. The capital of Australia is …….. . 4. The largest cities of Australia are …… , ……… , …….. , ….. and …….. . 5. The official language is ……. . 6. The weather is … and … . 7. The longest rivers in Australia are the …… river and the ……. river . 8. The national colours of Australia are ….. and …. . 9. Australians like to play sports such as …….. , …….. , ….. , …… and like surfing. Answers: Part I: 1.- c, 2.- a, 3. -d, 4. – b, 5. – b, 6. – b, 7. –c, 8. – c, 9. –b, 10 –c .Part II: 1. True, 2. False, 3. False, 4. True, 5. Not stated, 6. TruePart III: Australia, island, continent, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane,English,dry, hot,the Murray river, the Darling river,green and goldfootball, cricket, rugby, tennis. THE END

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