«Lesson Plan «Travelling and Transport». Solutions 2nd edition. Intermediate. Unit 8″

Subject: English language Teacher: Buzykayeva Salima
Date: Class: 8 “A” Total students: 15
Absent students:
Topic: Getting from A to B. Travel and transport.
Learning objectives All SWBAT - express their opinion about travel and transport;
- distinguish transportation types and describe their functions.
Most SWBAT - use opposite adjectives to describe advantages and disadvantages of vehicle types.
Some SWBAT - write a dialogue and act it out.
(45 min) Classroom activities Methods and Techniques Formative assessment Extra tasks for G&T Resources
(15 min) - Greeting
- Attendance check
(5 min)
1. New Vocabulary
(7 min)
- Follow-up
(3 min) Quiz let presentation (T-S)
- The new vocabulary will be presented with the app. Term-definition.
Matching game; Students’ scores Quiz let app Mobile phone
Main Part
(25 min) 2. Video:
- pre-task
(2 min)
- watching
(5 min)
- task 1 & 3 – T/F
(6 min)
3. Speaking
(7 min)
- Ex.
(4 min) 2. – “Turn and talk” pair discussion
- Think about the following questions:
What do you do if you go on a ‘tour of the city’?
What kind of things do you like to do when you visit a place on holiday?
- Students will take notes, while watching the Video
- individual work: True/ False (students will take one peace of paper, and answer to the questions)
3. “In-group discussion”
1st gr – adv., 2nd gr – dis. using opposite adjectives;
- “Inner-outer circle” for sharing opinion.
- Listening 2. Peer – assessment:
“True or False?”
- Checking as a whole class
3. Talk partners- in strong/weak points according to the topic To write a short dialogue for occasions like
- meeting somebody
- buying tickets
- talking to tourists
- dealing with a problem.
* Act out the dialogue Video and worksheets form
(3 min) 4. Interrogation of the lesson 4. “Tweet it” - What have you learned today?
(140 characters) Stickers
Homework Ex. 2, Vocabulary Builder 8.1 p. 134;
To get prepared for the vocabulary quiz.

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