«Сценарий сказки «Три медведя» на английском языке.»

Scene I
(Three Bears are sitting at the table, they are going to eat porridge.)
Mother Bear: Would you like an apple, my dear?
Father Bear: No, thank you.
Mother Bear: Would you like a banana, my dear? Look! It’s very nice.
Father Bear: OK. I like bananas. Mmmm… Delicious.Mother Bear: What about you, my baby Bear?
Baby Bear: I’d like sweets, Mummy.
Mother Bear: Here you are.
Baby Bear:  Mmmm… Yummy!
Mother Bear: Take your big plate.
Father Bear: Thank you, dear!
Mother Bear: Take your little plate, Baby Bear!
Baby Bear: Thank you, Mummy dear … Mother, it is too hot!
Father Bear: Then let’s go for a walk.
(The three Bears go out of the room.)
Scene II
(A little Girl comes in and looks around.)
Little Girl: Whose room can it be? (Looking at the table.) I am hungry. (Sits down at the table and tastes the porridge.) Oh, this porridge is too cold for me!... This porridge is just right for me.
(The noise of the three Bears’ steps is heard. The Little Girl hides in the little bed.)
Scene III
(The three Bears enter the room and take their places at the table.)
Father Bear: My plate is not full!
Baby Bear: And my plate is empty. (They look round.) Oh, and who is this? A little girl!
Father Bear: Let’s catch her up!
Mother Bear: Let’s eat her up!
Baby Bear: Yes, yes, let’s eat her up!
Little Girl: No, you won’t. (Runs away.)(The Bears try to catch her, but stumble and fall down.)
Mother Bear:  It is your fault, my Dear! You fell and I fell.
Baby Bear: And I fell because you fell!
All together (shaking their heads): And the Little Girl has run away. Oh! Oh! Oh!

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