Контрольная работа по чтению в 7 классе

Контрольная работа по чтению в 7 классеVariant 2
1.Read the text and write if the statements below are true (T) or false (F). (6 points).
Gulliver was born in a large family of a farmer. At school the boy learned well, so his father sent him to the University for three years. When the young man left the University, he worked with a doctor and learned the doctor’s profession.
Gulliver wanted to travel, so he decided to learn navigation too. After four years of hard learning Gulliver began to work on a ship as the ship doctor. One day, after many days of fine weather, there was a terrible storm. The ship broke to pieces and the people were drowned. But Gulliver could swim very well and he was not drowned. When he saw a shore which was very far, he swam to it. Gulliver was very tired. When Gulliver got out of the water he slept for many hours.
When Gulliver woke up, he found that he was in a country where very small people lived. The name of the country was Lilliput. The little people were afraid of the big man and wanted to kill him. But when they saw that Gulliver was kind and did not want to kill them they let him live with them. Gulliver lived there for two years.
After many adventures he got back to England.
1. Gulliver’s father was a farmer. (T/F)
2. Gulliver studied at the University for four years. (T/F)
3. He became a doctor on the ship. (T/F)
4. The ship broke to pieces because of a terrible storm. (T/F)
5. Gulliver could save. (T/F)
6. The people of Lilliput don’t let him live with them. (T/F)

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