«Урок английского языка по теме «Solar system»»

Урок совершенствования лексико-грамматических навыков по теме „The solar system”
Темаурока:“Parade of planet”
Учебник: Forward 5
1.Практическая цель: Совершенствовать лексические и грамматические навыки по теме.
2.Образовательная цель: расширить общие знания о правилах выполнения требований и приказов, расширить филологический кругозор по теме космос: совершенствовать работу со словообразованием, и интернациональными словами.
3.Воспитательная цель: воспитать умение выражать требования, и воспитать интерес к значимости космических исследований в мире;
4.Развивающая цель:развивать зрительную и слуховую память учащихся, языковую догадку.
Этап урока Время Деятельность учителя Деятельность ученика Оснащение Примечание
1.Организационный момент -Good morning, children! I’m very glad to see you. Sit down, please.
2.Речевая разминка. 3 мин. So, girls have you ever heard about “The parade of planet?” I’m asking because yesterday, I got a letter from the spaceship. Let’s see what is this letter about. P1, will you read this letter, please.
-Do you understand what does it mean? So, what?
You are absolutely right, we are invited to the space, and today we are going to speak about “The parade of planet” but first of all we must perform all duties, that we’ve got. And what is the first one?
In previous time you were spoken much about the planets and its names. But I think we should watch the video and remember how many planets are there in the solar system and how they are called.
So, what are the names of the planets, and how many planets are there in the solar system? Дети повторяют фонетическую зарядку, по одной строчке.
-The theme of our lesson is „The parade of planets” Проектор, экран, слайд 3. Фонетическая зарядка. 3 мин. You are absolutely right, now we know the names of planets, and its amount, but we also must know from what the planets are made of. Do you know exactly from what planets are made of? Any suggestions? I think a poem will help you to answer this question. Look at the screen, and repeat after me by one line. So do you know now from what planets are made of? From what is made the Moon (sun…) of? So, now we know about the names of the planets, about the amount, and from what they are made of. I think we can tick the first duty. Проектор, экран, слайд со стихотворением. 4. Основной этап урока (работа над текстом) 5 мин. Well done. We will go further, and now we are going to speak about the conditions on the other planets. How do you think are the conditions on the other planets suitable for life? So, let’s check it. Our text will tell us about it. But, some word of this text are lost. Let’s help them to find their places and don’t forget to put it in the correct form. I give you 2 minutes to do this task.
So, let’s check your answers. P1, will you read sentence with word that you have filled in.
So, can you find in the text sentences with international word? How we can translate it?
So, what can you say now about the conditions on the other planet. Are their suitable for life? What planet do we leave on? (Earth), What planet is closest to the sun? (Mercury), What is the biggest planet? (Jupiter). -What planet is called the red planet? (Mars)
-What planet is famous for the beautiful rings that surround it? (Saturn) -Yes, there is.
-We know that the conditions of life…
-Mars has icecaps…
-The planet in the solar system… Раздаточный материал, аудиозапись. 4. Основной этап урока(соверш.лекс.навыков) 5 мин. Now, let’s divide into 2 teams. First of all you must think about the name of your team. Do you need time? OK, I give you a minute. So, are you ready? OK. I give you these cards. It’s secret letter about planets and conditions. But the information is encrypted. You need to compose the sentence and unravel the letter. And don’t forget to use words in the correct form. So, I give you 2 minute to do this task. If you are ready, put your hands up. Is it clear? So, Let’s begin. Дети придумывают имена своим командам, затем получают карточки с заданиями и выполняют их. Раздаточный материал. 4.Основнаячать урока (соверш-е грам. Навыков) 5 мин So, your time is over. Have you finished? Well done, let’s check your answers.
Well, the … was the first and they managed with this task and have no mistakes. So, we should clap your hands. We are fine. Now, we know about the conditions in the other planets and I think we can also tick the second duty.
You know that we are going to fly in the spaceship. But how do you think did anyone ever fly in space? Who was the first man which flew/ explored the space. How do we call this man or this profession? Ok, we call such man cosmonauts in Russia, but how do people call such profession in America? Do you know about it?
But all youngest cosmonauts have their duties before the flying. So, let’s see what must and mustn’t we do before making a flying in space. You must do it in written form, so open your copybook, and P1 will you do this task at the board? Ok, you are welcome. I give you 3 minutes, and then we’ll check.
Ex. 9, p. 35.
Проектор, слайд. So, have you finished? Well done, let’s check.
Ok, let’s divide again into 2 groups. Your team will tell us about what young cosmonauts must do and you-what they mustn’t do.
Ok, let’s check. So, now you also know about what young cosmonauts must and mustn’t do. Now let’s tick the third duty.
And the last one calls “The space football”? Now we are going to play “A space football”. Ok, there is a gates, yours and your opponents. In the center is a ball. I’ll ask you a question, so ,if you answer is right, I’ll put a sun to the side of your opponents gates. If you are mistaken, I’ll not. The team, which can get to the opponents gates earlier, will win our “Space football”. Ok, let’s start.
So, the winner is… team. Clap your hands. Раздаточный материал. 5. Подведениеитогов, выставлениеоценок, What did we do during the lesson? What new information have we got? What do you know about our solar system?
What interesting facts did you know?
So, you get … marks. Your hometask is to make a title of the text, and to choose the planet, that you want to visit. Our lesson is over, thank you for your attention, goodbye. Дети дают ответы о планетах солнечной системы, об условиях жизни на них, о правилах которые должны соблюдать молодые космонавты. The Moon is made of silverThe Sun is made of goldJupiter is made of tinSo the ancients told
Venus is made of copper
Saturn is made of lead
And Mars is made of iron
So the ancients told
But what the Earth is made of
Very long ago
The ancients never told us
Because they did not know
1.What is the 2nd biggest planet in the solar system?
2.What planet is known as red planet?
3.Who was the first Russian person who walked on the moon?
4. Who was the first American person who walked on the moon?
5. What is the name of first satellite sent into space?
6.What planet has no natural satellites and atmosphere?
7. Choose the correct variant.
Covering of ice on the surface is called:
8. Choose the correct variant.
The imaginary line around the earth that divided it into 2 parts is called:
9. Fill the correct variant.
He ……. eat healthy food before making a space trip.
Will must
10.Fill the correct variant
She ……. get up early.
Had to
Will must
11. What planet has icecaps and volcanoes?
12.What is the biggest planet?
13. Are the conditions on the other planet suitable for life?
14. Is the Sun a star or a planet?

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