Презентация по английскому языку на тему Would you like some more tea.

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The 27th of November The theme: Step 4 Would you like some more tea? The aims of the lesson: a) Educational: to introduce new words on the theme , to speak about food and drinks use grammar in their speech to introduce grammar structures b) Developing: to develop learning, speaking writing and reading activities. c) Bringing up to love and value foreign languages. To bring up a well educated person. The procedure of the lesson I. Organization moment a) Greeting T: Good afternoon pupils! P: Good afternoon! T: How are you! P: We are fine and you! T: I’m ok. Thank you, sit down b) Talk with a pupil on duty? T: Who is on duty? P: I am on duty today? T: Who is absent? P: All are present II. Phonetic drill Breakfast in the morning Dinner in the day Tea comes after dinner Then comes time to play. To check up home tasks III. Checking up the homework. T: What was your home task? P: Our home task is Ex:1 3, 7 Who wants to go to the blackboard? P1 P2 P3 IV. New theme Step 4. Would you like some more tea? Grammar: I would like –маған қажет I like- маған ұнайды Eg : . I would like some coffee . . She would like a glass of milk. . Would you like some water ? . Would you like an apple ? . He wouldn’t like a sandwich. . Mary wouldn’t like ice- cream “Like” Like is used for the things you generally love, enjoy. We use like to talk about things we like all the time. Eg: I like an apple juice Do you like an apple juice ? Yes , I do I don’t like an apple juice. New words: Work with dictionary thirsty [Ɵə:sti] шөлдеу hungry [hɅƞgri] аш болу to order [tә ͻ:dә] тапсырыс беру cafй [kжfei] дәмхана hamburger [hжmbə:gə] гамбургер V. Work with the book Ex: 2 Dialogue Carol: I’m thirstyColin: Would you like some tea? Carol: No, thanks. Colin: Would you like some milk? Carol: I don’t like milk.Colin: Would you like an apple juice? Carol: Oh , yes please. I’m hungry, too. Colin: Would you like a biscuit ? Carol: No, thanks. I’d like a sandwich . Colin: Cheese? Ham? Carol: A cheese sandwich , please. VI. Doing the exercises Ex: 4 p 51. Choose the words in the boxes Drinks milk coffee mineral water orange juice a) I’m thirsty. Would you likesome ………………….? Yes please / No thanks. . b) I’m hungry .Would you like a …….? Yes please/ No thanks. Food hot dog sandwich hamburger pizza Complete with “would like” and like. (Usage difference) Ex: 4 b 1. I ______________to have a new phone 2. I ______________ apples and cakes very much. 3. She ______________ to eat a hamburger tonight 4. They _____________ to buy a new car but they don’t have enough money 5. He _____________ watching TV 6. Tom ____________ to work in a company. VII. Crossword M O U C O F F E E I C A K E M E A T L U R S W A T E R K E S A C O K E P A G P L U M R A I U G R A P P L E Z S A N D W I C H Z J U I C E U R I A VIII. Giving marks. IX. Conclusion. T: That’s all for today. You were very active. Thank you for your work. I hope you liked our lesson. That’s why you have got excellent marks. X. Giving the home task Ex: 2 To learn by heart the dialogue Ex : 3 p 163 Our lesson is coming to an end. The lesson is over.

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