«Урок по английскому языку на тему «How to fight your fears»»

План-конспект урока по теме «How to fight your fears»
№ время Направленность на аспект Задание ( teacher’s words) Реакция учеников
( pupil’s answer) Примечания
1. 1 мин -Hello, I’m glad to see you today. How are you?
- I’m fine. Sit down and let’s begin our lesson. - Hello
- We’re fine thank you, and you? 2 3 мин Лексика Do you know what “chat-room” is?
you speak with each other in the internet and it’s called “to chat”. In special sites, which are called chat-rooms, children can share their problems and get other children’s advice.
I will give you cards with some words. At home you should copy them to your vocabulary.
But first Listen and repeat after me
Ученики пытаются дать определение “chat-room”
Ученики повторяют хором раздаточный материал с активным вокабуляром, транскрипцией и переводом и табличка на доске.
To relax
To fight
To advise
3 7 мин Говорение,
Лексика - So perhaps you understand that today we are going to talk about fears and how to fight them. So let’s play a game and find out/learn what things you are afraid of!
1st pupil presents himself and says his fear. The next person must repeat the information about his friend and say his own name and fear. The next one repeats names and fears of 2 pupils gives his own and so on.
Be very attentive and note your classmates’ mistakes!
I will start
“ My name is Darya Igorevna. I’m afraid of darkness” - This is Darya Igorevna, she is afraid of darkness. My name is Sakara Liza, I am afraid of mice.
И т.д. Если ученики которые уже ответили, слушают невнимательно , можно попросить в конце игры перечислить весь «снежный ком»
4 10 мин Чтение,
Лексика at the blackboard you see 2 questions that we will answer after reading the text at page 83. Let’s start from the exercise 1a. Let’s read in chain. Tanya, begin please.
Now I want you to translate the text in chain
-So, Who wants advice?
- And What is the problem? Ученики читают по предложению, по цепочке
- Haley
- She afraid of heights and want advice Стр.83, упр. 1 а
Millenium 6, Student’s book
На доске записаны 2 вопроса
«1. Who wants advice?
2. What is the problem?”
5 3 мин Грамматика - Now I want you to pay attention on how you can give advice and ask for advice. Find out in the text how Haley asks for advice?
And find sentences where Henry gives her advice
- So, you see with the word should we can give advice
Let’s write down the rule
-I want you to translate some sentences, so open your copy-books and let’s translate them.
Liza, come to the blackboard
Ты не должен смотреть страшные фильмы на ночь.
Ты не должен бояться приведений
Тебе лучше смотреть мультики на ночь.
Тебе лучше ложиться спать раньше.
Ты должен читать сказки.
Ты не должен гулять ночью.
Ты должен делать твою домашнюю работу.
Ты не должен опаздывать на уроки - How can I tell….-You should say this to your parents…
Ученики записывают правило
Все переводят в тетрадях, ученики выходят к доске по желанию или их вызывает учитель
Стр.83, упр. 1 а
Millenium 6, Student’s book
Диктую правило
Предложения написаны на доске на русском
6 10 мин Говорение, Лексика Now lets make 3 teams. Your are the 1st, you are the 2nd and you are the 3d. Each team will get a card where a person tells about a problem and asks for advice. Discuss the problem in your group and give advice to the person.
You can use this tips for your answer and some ideas for tour advice from the orange box on page 83. Let’s read them first.
- Читают и переводят по цепочке
Ученики собираются в группы, получают карточки, и обдумывают ответ Стр.83, Millenium 6, Student’s book
Раздатки с описанием проблемы
7 3 мин You have started to learn a verse about irregular words. Who can tell it?
Ученики рассказывают стих 8 Your hometask for the next lesson is page 53 in your WorkBook. Next time we’ll have progress check. So. You should repeat past simple and past continuous and your active vocabulary from Unit 7. Our lesson is over. Good-bye. Have a nice day. Good-bye.

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