Итоговая контрольная работа 9класс

           Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку в 9 классе
Вставьте артикли где необходимо:
Do you know where ….Mississippi is?
The seat of British Parliament is ... Houses of Parliament.
... Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean on the Earth.
 Every immigrant wants to see  ….America of his dream.
They spent summer holidays on the popular resort at … Black Sea.
This winter we are going to ski in …..Urals.
    2.  Закончите предложения с возвратными местоимениями:
She has cut …….
I work for ……
They will solve their problems ………
Be careful, you can hurt ……!
The party was great. We enjoyed ……. very much.
She likes living by ……
3.       Поставьте глаголы в нужную форму
Look! They _______________the street. (cross)
They ___________ to the theatre last week. (go)
His niece just _________________ the invitation letters. (write)
Her daughter _______________ French and German. (speak)
The weather is cold. That’s why tomorrow our family _______________ picnic (not, have)
_____________ you _________________ the rubbish? Not yet. (take)  
Образуйте существительные и переведите:
Equip, explore, protect, arrange, entertain.
 Вставьте подходящие модальные глаголы (must, may, can, need,  had to, should ).
 1. ... you help me now? — I am afraid not. 2.If you want to improve your English, you ... work very hard. 3. It was raining hard.  We ... (to wear) our raincoats. 4. I am afraid you will miss that train, you….. take a taxi. 5. Mother, …. I go out with my friends?
6. Переписать текст , вставить слова и фразы  по смыслу
  A lot of, but unhappier, when I didn’t have much money ,two years ago, and  they divorced , many , in the world , big, according to Professor Argyle
Mark Larsen won eleven million pounds on the lottery. At first , life was fantastic and Mark spent   2) money on a new house and 3) cars. Then the problems started  . 4) Friends  asked  him for money  and he had a lot of arguments with his wife (5). Now he says : ‘Life was better before (6)
People think that money brings happiness. However this is not true (7). In Britain we are richer than 50 years ago(8).The USA is the richest country (9) but Americans are not the happiest people in the world.

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