работа по present simple

Самостоятельная работа по теме present simple
Задание 1. Дополните предложение с правильной формой глаголов в скобках
1.            I _____ to bed at 11.00 p.m. (go)
2.            Jack _______ fluent (бегло) French, (speak)
3.            Her children       ____ game shows and cartoons, (enjoy)
4.            She always _____          funny jokes (шутки), (tell)
5.            My sister and I often _______to read newspapers in English. (try-пытыться)
6.            People _______ personal computers at home, (use – использовать)
7.            It ________ him about half an hour to get home from college. (take - занимает)
Задание 2. Напишите утвердительные предложения с глаголом в правильной форме
Example: I don't go to school. — I go to school.
1. My mother doesn't come from Russia.
2. My friends don't live in Moscow.
3. Paul Simon doesn't study at Trinity College.
4. My father doesn't work as an engineer.
5. My friends and I don't go to the cinema at weekends.
6. My friend doesn't wear jeans and a T-shirt to the institute.
Задание 3. Напишите отрицательные предложения
Example: I to the radio in the morning, (listen) — I don't listen to the radio in the morning.
1. I_______ the dog for a walk every day. (take)
2. She________ all the food in the nearest(ближайший) supermarket, (buy)
3. We________ to football matches every Sunday, (go)
4. This car_________ much money — it's rather old(довольно старая). (cost-стоить)
5. My friends__________ in a bank, (work)
6. Pete__________ early (рано) at weekends, (get up-вставать)
Задание 4. Добавь Do или  Does
Example: _____she live with her parents — Yes, she   ___.
Does she live with her parents? — Yes, she does.
___ you like your job? — No, I ___.
Do you like your job? — No, I don't.
1. ___ I speak good Italian? — Yes, you ___.
2. ___ you drive to work? — No, I___.
3. ___ they work hard at university? — Yes, they___.
4. ___ Alan smoke(курить)? — No, he___.
5. ___ Patrick like computer games and cartoons? —Yes, he___.          
6. ___children usually eat much ice-cream? — Yes, they ___.
7. ___ you take(сдавать) exams every month? — No, we ___.
Задание 5. Поставь общий вопрос
1. The shop closes at 5 o'clock.
2. They have parties every weekend. .
3. She speaks good English.
4. It rains a lot here in spring.
5. You drink a lot of tea.
6. They go shopping on Saturdays.
Задание 6.Ask the special questions? Using the words from the gaps.Paul plays tennis very well. (How)
Many birds fly south every summer. (How often)
Jack usually goes to work on Saturdays. ( When)
France has a lot of high mountains. (What)
You always wear (носить) glasses(очки). (What)
Most of the students study well. (How many)
He thinks(думает) that school is boring(скучная).(Who)
The Volga flows (впадает) into the Caspian Sea. (Where)
We drink coffee very often. (Who)
My children usually skate on the skating ring (каток) in our yard(двор). (Whose)

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