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Schools in England and Wales In England and Wales children start schooling when they are five. Most children go to state schools which are free. The school year in England begins in September. Little children who are five go to primary school and stay there for seven years. They do a lot of things in class. They learn to read to write to count and to draw. Their teachers often read interesting books to them and tell them fairy tales. Pupils play a lot and spend much time outdoors. They don’t usually have to wear uniform. Secondary education in also free in stale schools . Parents do not pay for their children. Pupils usually have five lessons five days a week. They go to school from Monday to Friday. There are no classes or Saturdays . In many schools secondary school pupils wear uniforms. Secondary school pupils do eleven subjects a week . At four o clock classes are usually over and pupils go home The English school year has three terms. When the term is over schoolchildren have holidays. Their Christmas holidays and Easter holidays are shorter than summer holidays which begin in July and are usually over in September.

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